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My first real post is about my own website. Many years ago, I got my very own domain name for free! I didn’t had any intentions whatsoever to put stuff on it, but the idea of having your own domain, and for free at first, was “cool”. Back in those days I was trying to teach myself PHP. I build some basic stuff, like a guest-book, and dynamic pages, page layout in table design and so fort.

None off the code mentioned above ever saw the light on my public domain. Without any reason actually. Just didn’t put it there. At some point, I did feel some happy feelings about putting my thoughts, idea’s, opinions, findings or whatever else would be bothering me, online. I did and do like to read stuff other people put online, so why not do it myself?

With that thought I started on my own PHP website. But aside to that, I also noted some packages like Mamboo (Joomla! later on) and also WordPress. So why build something that already has been build? So beside building my own, I also took an inside look to the mentioned packages. All great stuff, and easy to use! Almost every update brought great new features or other user experience upgrades.

Many years later, still nothing really exciting showed up on my website. In that time I saw and tried a lot of stuff actually very suitable for my “needs”. One of my favorite CMS products is Joomla!. It is, in my opinion off course, a very low level and easy to use product to share about everything you want on the Internet. It has a great structure of plugging in third-party components which all will enrich your website!

Some more minor things I didn’t like about it are for example its default content all being placed in tables. Off course it could be overridden in templates, but it would make more sense to me if it was build in to use table-less design! As I can remember, it was mentioned in the release notes that it would be “beter” in a future release of Joomla!.

The biggest downside that made definitely decide not to use Joomla! for my own website, is the long development process. Looking back, release for Joomla! 1.5 is 22 January of 2008. That’s 2,5 year ago now! Still there is no sign of a stable Joomla! 1.6 release. Even if it would come out somewhere soon this august, it would take at least 6 moths before it is really production ready.

So Joomla! will not be my choice in the near future. Off course, I will look at it when the new version finally comes alive, but until then, I won’t be eager to use it for myself. But how to share my thought then?

At this point I came across the new WordPress version. It didn’t look really different from the latest 2.x version I saw, but I liked it somehow more than ever before. One of the most great features of WordPress I really like, is the fact it can update itself! Whaaa! Certainly a feature WordPress has quiet some time yet, but I didn’t really look at it before! An effortless click on “Update now” did update one of my outdated versions I ran localhost. Again, effortless!

I also found a very nice theme by accident (see footer), and some nice plugins to work with (iPhone “mobile theme”). So now it is time to start! I have (as you can see) installed into my webspace, and from now on, I am more than ready to share my stuff online!

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