TweetDeck Icon Tray On Ubuntu 10.x

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As regular Twitter user, I really like my TweetDeck. One of the more practical arguments in favor for TweetDeck, is that I like the fact that I can use it cross platform. TweetDeck runs smoothly on MS Windows, Apple OS X and last but not least, Linux! Not to forget, TweetDeck is actually also very handy when you like to post your message on more than Twitter alone.

Another nice TweetDeck feature is that it is capable of minimizing itself to the icon tray. So, it stays running on the background! This means less pollution on my taskbar (indeed, just moving the clutter…)! Anyhow, a problem with TweetDeck I have since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04, is that the icon in the notification area draws itself with an ugly white/gray border. And I just don’t like that.

TweetDeck Ugly Icon

As you can see in the image above, it displays the TweetDeck Icon tray image with an ugly gray or white box arround it. I haven’t found a solution to this yet (so if you do, please let me know!). Only hint I got, was that Ambiance, the Ubuntu theme, uses SVG format for its icons, and TweetDeck uses PNG. So, just change it then? Right! TweetDeck is build on top of AdobeAir, and just replacing the images simply won’t work. Again, please let me know if you’ve got any idea!

I’ve put a forum post on TweetDeck support forum over here:

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