TweetDeck Installation On Ubuntu 10.10 64bit

TweetDeck Download Now buttonSomething I was struggling with before, was installing TweetDeck on my Ubuntu 64bit. Normally I would go to the TweetDeck website, hit the “Download now, It’s free” button and it would start installing TweetDeck!

Clicking this button under Ubuntu 10.10 64bit didn’t work! So why doesn’t it? Saving you from some boring text, the problem goes with Adobe Air, the platform on which TweetDeck runs. When you click this button, it (don’t ask “who”, I haven’t checked) is supposed to check for Adobe Air, and if it ain’t installed, it should start the installer. This actually works fine on MS Windows (32bit and 64bit), but the 64bit Ubuntu version doesn’t. Clicking it does actually “noting”.

TweetDeck Adobe AIR UbuntuYou can solve the problem by installing Adobe Air from the adobe website, and choosing for the .bin option. So do not choose the .deb version, as it is a 32bit package. If you still feel the need for choosing it, apt will trow you an error complaining “wrong architecture”. You can get Adobe Air from this link. At step one, choose “Linux”, and at step two, choose “Adobe AIR {version} for Linux (.bin)”.

Click on “Download now”, change permissions of the AdobeAIRInstaller.bin to allow execute, run the installer and you’re good to go! Go back to and click on “Download now, it’s free”. Open the tweetdeck.air file, and have fun using TweetDeck!

Set AdobeAIRInstaller.bin Execute Permissions to install Adobe AIRClick on open to start TweetDeck installation

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  1. I got to this point – “change permissions of the AdobeAIRInstaller.bin to allow execute, run the installer” and failed. When I click on the installer I get the error message: “Could not display “/home/anji/Downloads/AdobeAIRInstaller.bin”. The file is of an unknown type”. Any ideas?

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