Zend Server CE 5.6 Feature Content

When you upgrade your Zend Server CE 5.5 up to 5.6 than you will notice the featured content in the Zend Server Dashboard. It will show you all the features you could have had when you bought Zend Server (commercial or developer edition). This way they want to try to sell it to you, CE user.

It’s not really bothering me but Zend did make an option to disable the feature. Go to your dashboard, click on Administration and at the bottom you find the option Zend Server Feature Content. Set this option to no and you will only see those options that go with the CE version of Zend Server.

Image show how to change setting

Zend Server CE: Fancy Directory Listings

When you are a Zend Server CE user and regularly have to browse directories from within your browser you probably noticed an unusable and ugly interface. Directories and files are not easily distinguished. This behavior is caused by Zend Server CE default of not including the httpd-autoindex.conf file. Well actually the file is not included by the Apache 2.2 configuration. The httpd-autoindex.conf file sets up Apache to use icons and tables for directory listings.

When left default the directory listing looks as following:

Zend Server CE Default Directory Listing

To enable the fancy directory listing, as it is being called by Apache, you will have to alter the httpd.conf file of the Zend Server CE’s Apache 2.2 setup. For this example I will assume that your Zend Server CE setup will be in C:\Zend\. Change this location to your own needs. Default Zend will try to install in C:\Program Files\Zend.

The httpd.conf file is located in C:\Zend\Apache2\conf\. Open the file in your favorite plain-text editor (notepad.exe or notepad++.exe for example) and goto line 407 and 408. Here you will find the following content:

Now remove the # in front of line 408 so it will look like this:

That’s all! The only thing left is to restart apache and you are done! This should be your result:

Zend Server CE Fancy Directory Listing

This post has been written with Zend Server CE 5.5 in mind. The settings made in this post should also work in older versions of Zend Server CE.

My Website

My first real post is about my own website. Many years ago, I got my very own domain name for free! I didn’t had any intentions whatsoever to put stuff on it, but the idea of having your own domain, and for free at first, was “cool”. Back in those days I was trying to teach myself PHP. I build some basic stuff, like a guest-book, and dynamic pages, page layout in table design and so fort.

None off the code mentioned above ever saw the light on my public domain. Without any reason actually. Just didn’t put it there. At some point, I did feel some happy feelings about putting my thoughts, idea’s, opinions, findings or whatever else would be bothering me, online. I did and do like to read stuff other people put online, so why not do it myself?

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